Renters Insurance

While you may not own the property, you might own many of the items inside it. If the property is a rental, the landlord would be responsible to insure the property, while the renter is responsible for insuring the contents of the home. Property damage can take a large tole on your finances and lifestyle if you’re not properly prepared. Luckily, the professionals here with Arbor Insurance and happy to go over your needs and match you with policy options designed to provide you with optimal protection.

While it is normal for the property owner to handle an insurance policy to cover the dwelling, this policy does not cover tenants, and their items in the event that they are lost, damaged or destroyed. This is where your Arbor Insurance agent is here to help get you started!

Both homeowners and renters insurance require. . .

  • Regular payments can range from monthly up to one lump annual payment.
  • Payment of a deductible for claims, unless otherwise specified in the policy.

Recently, it has become more common for landlords to require their renters to buy renters insurance as an extra precaution for living in the property. This allows both peace of mind for both the owner and tenant in case of the unpredictable.

When you work with us, you’ll receive more than just coverage – get peace of mind and protect your assets! Wondering where to get started! Picking up the phone is a great place to start!

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